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    • SDM Magazine Survey

      This 1976 editorial from SDM Magazine describes an alarm industry that partnered with law enforcement to deliver arrests. This is a time capsule of thought that provides a stark contrast to the concept of “deterrence” that evolved with the increase of false alarms and degrading response. PPVAR is working to resurrect the public/private partnership that so effective at the time of this article. 

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    • Priority Response Press Conference

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    • National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) - Priority Response

      Profitable insurers deliver more than investment income - they reduce loss. In this video, James Schweitzer of the NICB, Keith Jentoft of Videofied along with Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald, President of the National Sheriff's Association, talk about how technology has resurrected Alarm Response - delivering over 50% arrest rates. Law enforcement loss control is catching crooks in the act and reducing claims. Learn how Priority Response helps underwriters lower losses for greater profits. 

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    • Video Verified Alarm with ECV – making an arrest

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    • Video Verified Alarm of obvious crime – making an arrest

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    • Classic Alarm – reporting a normal alarm

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    • Good Morning America - Home Security Systems Subject to Breaches

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    • Classic Alarm and Non-Response - what we seek to avoid

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    • CSAA Standard - ANSI/CSAA CS-V-02-2012 - Video Verification Procedures for Burglar Alarms

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    • Boston Gives Priority to Video Alarms - SDM

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