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    • /_asset/xqmjt0/ISCW15-PPVAR-Law-Enf-Panel.mp4
    • Verified Alarms and Priority Response - ISC West 2015 - Law Enforcement Panel

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    • /_asset/qjfks6/PPVAR-Video-Verified-Alarms-Best-Practices.pdf
    • Video Verified Alarms - Best Practices - June 2014 PPVAR Video Verification Committee

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    • /_asset/4sv37t/PPVAR-Audio-Verified-Alarms-Best-Practices.pdf
    • Audio Verified Alarms - Best Practices

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    • /_asset/wfdzry/TPCA-Priority-Response-Resolution-2015.pdf
    • Texas Police Chiefs Association (TPCA) Priority Response Resolution 2015

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    • /_asset/n30bbn/Sheriff-Magazine-MayJune-2014-PPVAR.pdf
    • Sheriffs Working on New Alarm Standards – More Arrests/Fewer False Alarms

      Sheriffs are taking a proactive role in driving alarm technology to make more arrests with the Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response (PPVAR). This public/private has brought together law enforcement, the alarm industry and the insurers to create new alarm standards and best practices to maximize the value of video alarms as a “force multiplier” in the battle against property crime.

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    • False Alarm Math and CPV

      Lesson explaining a common misconception in the security industry about false alarms. Crime in Progress Verification or "CPV" dramatically increases arrests and reduces false alarms.

    • /_asset/jq9xzy/Michigan-Assn-of-Police-Chiefs-Magazine.pdf
    • Michigan Police Chiefs joins PPVAR

      The Michigan Assn. of Police Chiefs (MACP) has joined PPVAR and are participating in the Video Verification Committee to create new standards for video-verified alarms.

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    • /_asset/c0m724/fbinaa-video-verified-alarms-cover-article.pdf
    • FBI National Academy Associates' (FBINAA) The Associate - Video Verified Alarms: A local force multiplier making arrests and fighting crime

      FBI National Academy embraces video verification in cover article

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    • /_asset/s7fmd9/VideoAlarmsChangingTheGame.mp4
    • National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) - "Video alarms are changing the game."

      Listen to Sheriff Paul H. Fitzgerald, President of the National Sherriffs' Association, describe how priority response to video alarms is helping police officers to more effectively respond to property crime. 

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